Keep the highest quality for Canon HF G10 when merging/splitting

Canon HF G10, is now used more and more in family life. We can save our own stories, parties of friends, holidays with families as sweet video momories. But it’s a pity we can’t record all such moments one time. When having captured several video clips, it’s better to merge clips together so that you can get a whole video.

Google tells there are lots of such merge-software. I have tried most of these tools. Most can easily manage the merge-function, but the output quality is horrible. Canon HF G10 is famous for it’s high quality, so you can find the clear gap between the original and the output video quality. Is there any software who can do the job with high/original quality?

Aunsoft Final Mate, which is considered as the best video merge/split tool, always concentrates on keeping the high quality of AVCHD files. It can merge/split Canon HF G10 videos files with the original quality. If you are interested in how it work, just follow my steps.

1 Import HF G10 video files into Aunsoft Final Mate
Final Mate can read the files directly when having connected the camcorder with PC. If you have stored the files in PC, just click the resource button and choose correct path to import the video files.

2 Merge/Split the videos with the frame-choose control
Final Mate has a special effect: it can help to position precisely with the frame-choose control. It means you can edit the videos frame by frame. This will make your videos more acceptable.

3 Output the whole new video with high quality
If you have finished editing, click the OK button to enjoy output new videos without quality loss.

1 Merge/Split is just one of Aunsoft Final Mate’s powerful functions, it can also help to transcode AVCHD videos to other formats with high quality.
2 If your computer is Mac, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac is just what you need.
3 More information of video conversion will be shown in My Video Classroom, you can visit anytime you want.

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